Q: Are all of DBsilk’s products made from 100% Mulberry silk?

A: Yes. We guarantee that all of our products are made of 100% pure and natural long fiber Mulberry silk cultivated from the best silk farm in China, unless otherwise stated on the product page. Moreover, no chemicals are added in our production. Any machinery or chemical additives that could potentially damage the quality of our silk has also been strictly forbidden. All of these is to ensure that our customers can enjoy the perfectly soft and smooth of our products.

Q: What’s Momme count and what are the differences between 19 Momme, 22 Momme and 25 Momme?

A: Momme is a standard way of measuring the weight of silk fabric and it is calculated by pound. The standard measurement is by using a piece of fabric that is 100 yards long and 45 inches wide. The higher the momme weight the heavier the fabric. It means that the higher the Momme count is, the heavier and thicker silk was used during the weaving process. If the piece of silk fabric weighs 19 pounds then the Momme weight is 19, and so on.

Q: How are DBsilk’s silk fabric dyed?

A: In order to provide our customers with a right selection of colors, every color except ivory, have to be dyed onto the silk fabric (ivory is the natural color of silk). Nevertheless, the dyeing agents we choose are made from natural pollen with very little industrial chemical additives so that our bedding products maintain silk's natural affinity with skin whether they are dyed or not.